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Vaughn Motorwerks is an independent, professional service center for BMW, MINI and Mercedes automobiles. Rick Vaughn and his team of top mechanics take great pride in exceptional workmanship and fast, responsive service.

Vaughn Motorwerks has served the greater Indianapolis area since 1993, providing routine maintenance, repair and tuning services for BMW, MINI and Mercedes. Vaughn Motorwerks has also built some of the fastest BMW club cars in the region.

Whether you are looking for a reputable shop to maintain your fine automobile after it runs out of warranty or if you are looking for that last bit of performance, Vaughn Motorwerks is the choice for you.

Check out our car maintenance and performance tuning areas to find what we can do for you and to see what others think of our superior service.

As a service to our dedicated customers, we will soon be introducing a section called "What's for Sale." This will include used auto parts and cars for sale by owner. Many of these cars have been maintained with our high standards and quality parts, and we can do a pre-purchase inspection for you. Check back often to see what is available.

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